The Catskill Recreation Center (CRC) is a not-for-profit organization with a state-of-the-art swimming pool and exercise facility located in Arkville, NY (on County Highway 38 between State Routes 28 and 30).
CRC provides affordable recreational opportunities to the community and is the “go-to place” for fitness, friendships, and fun. We offer a diverse array of swimming and fitness classes, family and youth programs, personal training, and American Red Cross instruction.

While membership has grown steadily, membership fees cover less than half of the operating expenses; therefore, the Catskill Recreation Center relies on generous individual donations and grant awards to keep the doors open.

Given the resounding and immeasurable benefits that the Catskill Recreation Center has had in the greater community, we ask you to make a donation to the CRC to help us sustain and expand our programming, so we can continue to serve the well-being and recreational interests of both youth and adults in this area.


In order to maintain a safe environment in our staff, members, the community at large and to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19, the Catskill Recreation Center will be closed starting Saturday March 14, 2020 and will reopen when it is deemed safe. Our tentative goal is to open at the very end of June or early in July. We will keep you updated via email and social media. We wish you all wellness and health.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to email me.  becky@catskillrecreationcenter.org


#crcstayactive in the month of May

It is time to get your sneakers on and gear up for the May challenge.  Below you will find your fitness plan for this month.  The Goal by May 31 walk three miles in one day.

This I know that you can do.  You are CRC strong.  We want to know how you are doing.  Please take lots of selfies and post them on #crcstayactive.


Energy Healing workshop with Maryanne: Wednesday June 3

10:30 am – 12:30 pm: (Minimum number of participants 5 max 12)
Expect the unexpected.  As Einstein taught us, everything is energy, and within the somewhat complex energy systems that keep us thriving, life creates blocks and imbalances.

When we locate and handle those blocks and bring our energies back into balance, we can regain our natural state of being, signified by health, vitality and fulfillment.  Our theme for this Workshop will be to learn and incorporate ways to strengthen and bring healing to our lungs and our immune system as we continue to deal with the current pandemic.

Workshop Fee: $30 you may make payment via the donate button on our website homepage catskillrecreationcenter.org or by mailing a check to the Catskill Recreation Center 651 County Highway 38 Arkville, NY 12406.

VIRTUAL CLASSES Check out both NEW and OLD

SUNDAY:  10:30 – 11:30 Body Sculpt with Pamela– this is a yoga based sculpting class light weights (soup cans) are incorporated.

TUESDAY:  9 – 10:  Yoga with Kathy -Kathy incorporates self-massage, poetry, and meditation, packed in one hour of practice.  

WEDNESDAY:  1 – 2: NEW Art with Kaleigh –(JUNE 3- JULY 8) Good for all ages.  In this class you will learn a bit about art history and techniques.  The supplies you will need for this class are paper or canvas, paint and paint brushes, ball point pen or fine tip sharpie, and  shading pencils. 

THURSDAY:  11 – 12: Beginner Tai Chi with Nina Ends June 11 – The practice of Tai Chi though seemingly slow increases your energy and focus levels for the rest of the day.  Nina does an excellent job of breaking down and describing each step as the class works through the movements. 

THURSDAY:  11 – 12:  NEW Advanced Tai Chi with Nina Starts June 18 – This class will teach the next series of movements.  If you have practiced Tai Chi in the past and understand the basics this class would be the next step.

THURSDAY:  12:30 – 1:30:  NEW Beginner Tai Chi with Nina Starts June 18 –  See description above.

SATURDAY: 9 – 9:45 NEW 45 Minutes of FitnessWith Nola Tully. (Starts this Saturday May 23)   Get summer-ready with great routines you can do at home. The class opens with a warm up, followed by strength training and some conditioning. The stretching will get you moving and the rest of the class we will be using old fashioned fitness drills to increase muscle mass and endurance. The entire class can be done without weights, using your own body weight. I will post the workout in the chat section of the Zoom screen and demonstrate each movement before starting. Participants just need a solid place to put down a mat and then log onto Zoom.

To join these classes:
Please email me.  becky@catskillrecreationcenter.org
In the subject line name the class you want to take:  Body Sculpt, Yoga, Art, Tai Chi, or 45 minutes of Fitness.

Suggested donation of $3 -$5 per class;

Make an online payment:  Use the donate button on our website (write the name of the class you are taking)

Write a check to:  Catskill Recreation Center – 651 County Highway 38 Arkville, NY 12406. 

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