Swim to New York City

Join us as we swim the distance from the Catskill Recreation Center
to New York City, New York


image 8An update on our virtual swim challenge to New York City:

Continue logging your mileage and completing the 140 mile swim challenge. The swim challenge ends on February 1st,2017. Cost for participants is $20. Payment and registration are due by February 28th, 2017.
A relay option is now available for participants completing the swim at the CRC. Each member of your relay team must continue to log their mileage separately and pay the participant fee. However at the end of the challenge each member of the relay team’s mileage will be added into one total. Relay teams can have two, three, four, or five participants.
Please contact aquatics@catskillrecreationcenter.org if you have questions related to our Swim to New York City challenge!!

Our challenge of swimming 140 miles will start on Thursday September 1st, 2016 and ends on February 1st, 2017. Anyone can participate in our challenge!! One hour of water exercise counts as a mile, so if you take water exercise classes, you can participate in our challenge. If you swim laps, log your mileage (34 laps or 68 lengths of the pool is a mile). Our challenge isn’t about how many miles you can swim in a day, but about being able to log your training, see your progress, and be encouraged by everyone else participating in our challenge. It will be our individual goal to each swim 140 miles and it will be our collective goal to see how many people join us on that challenge. You can log your progress on the chart at the Aquatics office or you can log your mileage on your own using the calendar provided. We will be checking in with you each month to see how far you have swam!!

The “Swim to New York City” is being recognized by United States Masters swimming and Adirondack Masters Swimming, but anyone (regardless of age) can take part in the challenge. The cost for participants completing the challenge on location at the Catskill Recreation Center is $20.00. The cost for participants completing the challenge off site is $35.00. This cost includes a t-shirt. Payment and registration will be due by February 28th, 2017.

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