Rentals & Parties

Pool Parties:  $30 per hour for a max of 20 people adults and children included in this count. There will be a $3 fee charged for each additional person above 20. If utilizing the small conference room there is a maximum of 25 people allowed.

Private Pool Parties after hours:  Available on weekends $200 per hour max of two hours.

Back room rental:  This could be for meeting space, classes, Jewelry parties, Jamberry Nail wrap Parties, or similar events. $50 per hour max of 40 people.

Pool lap lane rental:  $20 per hour per lane. Max of four adults or youth age 13 or older per lane or six children 12 and younger per lane.

Multipurpose room rental: $30 per hour based on 25 people.

You can Combine Uses…

…for the pool, lap lanes, multipurpose rooms.  If you are renting space through your business, you will need to provide a certificate of insurance naming the Catskill Recreation Center, Inc. and Catskill Fitness, LLC as additionally insured.  The address for both is 651 county Highway 38 Arkville, NY 12406.

Locker and Lock Rentals

Daily lock rental is $2 + $3 deposit.

Monthly rental, including a locker & lock is $15.

Members must use CRC locks on rented lockers.

Click here to print our Rental Agreement.