About the Gym

The fitness room contains cardio equipment consisting of five tread mills, three Ellipticals, one stair-master, two recumbent bikes, two stationary bikes, two row machine, and nine spin bikes.  The fitness room also contains a full set of Cybex weight machines, dumbbells that range in weight from two to 100 pounds, a squat rack, bench press, and a Nautilus weight machine.

Also, available to members are exercise balls, hula-hoops and Yoga mats for stretching.

The Group Exercise Room houses classes such as Body Sculpt, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Spin and Kettlebells.

Personal Training is available to help members along their way to accomplishing their fitness goals.

The CRC also offers a diverse array of monthly Wellness Workshops to help people learn about ways to balance their lives and become re-created through recreation.  Some topics that have been offered are Restorative Yoga, Vegetarian Eating, Energetics workshop, Painting, and Fly-tying.