Catskill Mountain Cycling Challenge


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September 3, 2017

Come enjoy the beautiful Western Catskills and the Catskill Recreation Center

Offering six scenic routes for different abilities and interests. FIVE new routes this year!

The Catskill Mountain Cycling Challenge carries forth the long tradition of recreational road cycling in the Western Catskills. Building on the Tour de Pepacton and the Ride-n-Peak, our 2017 Cycling Challenge brings you six routes (five of them new!) and includes a very challenging gravel grinder. Your scenic pedal will support new programming at the Catskill Recreation Center (CRC), being designed to encourage greater participation in recreation through incentive packages and more diverse programming. Click here to learn more.

Once again, the CRC  partnerewith our good friends at Overlook Mountain Bicycles. Check out these photos from Sept. 3rd.



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About the 2017 Routes

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Pepacton Short – 29 Miles

This popular loop offers flat-to-rolling terrain along the roads that circle the Pepacton Reservoir, crossing the water at the former site of Shavertown with wide open views. Refreshments and a composting toilet facility are available at mile 13.7 Recommended for intermediate level cyclists.

Pepacton Long – 57 Miles

Looking for distance without brutal climbs? Then this ride’s for you. With a distance of 57 miles, there’s a modest (by Catskill standards) elevation gain of only 2460’. You’ll find plenty of rollers along this route which crosses the Pepacton Reservoir at the former site of Shavertown and reaches the halfway point at the historic Downsville Covered Bridge. On the return trip, the route varies by staying on the southern side of the reservoir after the Shavertown Bridge. You’ll get to gaze at these beautiful mountains and valleys, without having to climb them! Water/ food stops at 13.7 miles (Shavertown – north side of bridge), 28 miles (covered bridge park), and at 43 miles (again at the Shavertown location, but you’ll need to cross the bridge to get to the water stop, and then return to the route). (For intermediate to advanced cyclists.)

Century Challenge – 99 Miles

The day’s longest ride affords a rich mix of woodland, farm, hamlet, and valley scenery while including some moderate climbs. The route breaks from Route 28 at mile 7, rolling up the beautiful New Kingston Valley and beginning a steady climb at the hamlet and up over the pass (15.6 mi.) to Bovina. Bovina Center offers a refreshment stop before the scenic ascent of Pink Street and then its steep, fast plunge into the West Branch Valley. Rolling downstream, the ride crosses the covered bridge (34.7) and soon continues up picturesque Elk Creek Road (from previous years’ routes), before traversing the Catskill Turnpike west.

At mile 50, the route turns southeast reaching Delhi (with a refreshment stop), and then it’s on to DeLancey at mile 65. The rider then faces a 1050’ gain in the next 7.5 miles to the apex of Co. Rte. 2, high above Andes with spectacular views. Reaching Andes at mile 76, the route rolls down the Tremperskill Valley, with a refreshment stop just before the bridge that carries you over the Pepacton Reservoir (84.5). Much of the concluding stretch follows the shore of the Pepacton and is flat to rolling. Recommended for advanced level cyclists.

Note, if you want to be sure to cover 100 miles – and visit a second covered bridge, here’s how to do it. At mile 65 (the intersection in DeLancey) continue straight; at one mile stay to the right and go a short distance to the Hamden Covered Bridge. Retrace this route back to the DeLancey intersection and rejoin the regular route by turning right.

Gravel Grinder – 53 Miles

Calling all gravel enthusiasts and hill hounds! Check out the serrated profile of this route. Okay, okay – first we’ll have to roll over some flat-ish pavement to get to the lumps, but this warm-up should be welcomed for what follows – namely, a heaping portion of wild and scenic dirt roads in Andes and Bovina.

The first bout of climbing tackles parts of Dingle Hill before descending into the Tremperskill Valley, with a left onto Tremperskill Road (CR1), before a right onto the long Wolf Hollow ascent. (Note: if you need water or food, continue south on CR1 past the Wolf Hollow intersection for just over a mile and you will find the Tremperskill Store on your left.)

The crest of the Wolf Hollow climb is reached after mile 23 at the apex of CR2, before the high-speed descent into the Bovina triangle, and then a sharp left onto the secluded Biggar Hollow Road. Up a series of rises, the road cuts right at the steepest of these before plunging down – then up and down again – reaching Route 28 at mile 28.4. A right and then a quick left onto Hyzer Hill Road resumes the climbing and rollercoastering to the top of Gladstone Hollow, marked by a swing to the northwest onto Doig Hollow Road, beginning the traverse into Bovina. With a quick punch up – and a winding drop down — Russell Hill, the crossing of the Little Delaware signals the entrance into Bovina Center, with the second and final water/food stop waiting at mile 35.8 on your right in front of the Bovina UP Church.

Pavement soon becomes dirt again with the right onto Coulter Brook Road, which eventually joins the route to New Kingston, with a paved climb over the pass that divides the Delaware Basin’s East and West Branch Watersheds. Halfway down the other side, the dirt returns with a quick left into – and then out of — Winter Hollow. From here back to Arkville, dirt surfaces on through roads are tough to come by, but the ascent of Margaretville Mountain is no slouch. (For expert cyclists with gravel/ dirt road experience).

(For mountain, hybrid, or cyclo-cross bicycles only – no road bikes.)

Catskill Park – 55 Miles

New this year, this ride opens with gentle spin through Margaretville and along the shores of the Pepacton Reservoir before beginning the first climb at mile 21 Ascending into the Catskill Park for three miles, Holiday Brook Road gains 830’, with one section exceeding a 10% grade. A pretty descent with some rollers brings riders across the recently restored  Beaverkill Covered Bridge at just under 30 miles. The route then follows the Beaverkill upstream through Lew Beach and into Ulster County, before branching off to the left and taking Barkaboom Road into Delaware County. There will be a refreshment stop at Big Pond (36.8 miles) before the climb to the top of Barkaboom Road. From here, a 4-mile winding downhill concludes back at the Pepacton Reservoir, with a rolling-to-flat 13-mile section back to Arkville. Recommended for intermediate to advanced level cyclists.

Catskill Park – 73 Miles This route canceled due to low registration and unsafe road conditions

The extended version of the 55-miler, this route stays along the north side of the Pepacton and tackles the hilly roads on the way to Downsville, where a refreshment stop is found at the covered bridge park (mile 32). Continuing around the reservoir on Route 30, Holiday Brook Road is reached at mile 39.2, and a right turn begins the moderate ascent into the Catskill Park. On the other side, a breezy downhill continues through the narrow valley, eventually curving eastward and arriving at the Beaverkill Covered Bridge at mile 47. From here, the route follows the Beaverkill upstream through Lew Beach and into Ulster County, before branching off to the left and taking Barkaboom Road into Delaware County. There will be a refreshment stop at Big Pond (55 miles) before the climb to the top of Barkaboom Road. Then a 4-mile winding downhill concludes back at the Pepacton Reservoir, with a rolling-to-flat 13-mile section back to Arkville. Recommended for advanced level cyclists.

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