4/22//17 – “Kickboxing with Mike” CANCELLED for this Saturday.

4/20/17 – “Spin Happy Hour with Ashley” CANCELLED for this evening.

However, please join us at 5:00 p.m. for “BYOK (Bring Your Own Kettlebell) with Steve”!  Class is $3 for members.

4/14/17 – No “Yoga & Meditation with Kathy” this morning

This morning’s 10:30 “Yoga & Meditation with Kathy” has been cancelled.  However, please join us at 10:30 for Pool Polo ($3 for members)!

1/10/2017 – Water Aerobics and Spin CANCELLED Tonight

“Water Aerobics with Michelle” and “Spin Happy Hour with Ashley” are cancelled for this evening.  However, please join us at 4:30 for “Pilates with Ginger”!  Thank you so much!

1/10/2017 – “Spin with Ashley” cancelled

“Spin with Ashley” is cancelled on 1/10/2017.

12/29/16 – “Spin Happy Hour with Ashley” is CANCELLED

There is no 6:00 p.m. “Spin Happy Hour with Ashley” this Thursday 12/29/2016.  However, please join us at 5:00 p.m. for “BYO Kettlebells with Steve”!  Thank you very much!

Christmas Weekend Schedule

Saturday 12/24 – No pilates or kickboxing Sunday 12/25 – Rec Center is closed Monday 12/26 – No Tai Chi or 10:30 a.m. Deep Water Buoyancy Workout but please join us at 5:00 p.m. “Water Aerobics with Cheryl” and welcome our new instructor!

Thursday 12/22/2016 – No Tai Chi or Kettlebells Tonight

Tonight’s 4 p.m. “Tai Chi with Steve” and 5 p.m. “BYO Kettlebells with Steve” are cancelled for this evening.  However, we welcome you to join us for tonight’s 6 p.m. “Spin Happy Hour with Ashley”!!!  Thank you for supporting Catskill Recreation Center.

12/16/16 – “Yoga with Kathy” and “Water Aerobics with Kathy” are cancelled today!

Today’s 10:30 “Yoga with Kathy” and 12:00 noon “Water Aerobics with Kathy” are cancelled.  However, please join us for “Pool Polo” at 10:30!  As always, we are so grateful for all of you who enjoy and support Catskill Recreation Center!

12/12/2016 – All Morning Classes Cancelled

Due to weather, “Spin Express with Mindy”, “Deep Water Buoyancy Workout”, and “Yoga with Kathy” are cancelled this morning.  Please drive safe and stay warm!  Thanks for exercising at the Catskill Recreation Center!