Recreation Incentive Program (RIP)



Recreation Incentive Program


The CRC Recreation Incentive Program (RIP) is being developed to offer an incentive-based and holistic system of programs to encourage greater participation in recreation, fitness, and healthy living for all ages. With the experience of running a recreation center for three years and with the input and suggestions of its membership and the community at large, CRC is uniquely positioned to craft a program that responds to needs while increasing potential for enhanced physical and emotional health in the greater community.

The program will offer a variety of workshops and programming that will introduce fitness and recreational opportunities to participants who can do activities on their own or at the Recreation Center throughout the year. RIP is based on the five goals below.

1) Offer a Range of Options

By recognizing the diversity and breadth of recreation and offering programming that reflects the wealth of the associated possibilities, it becomes easier to assist individuals in finding the setting that is most fulfilling. What interests underlie and drive the motivation of the individual to engage in recreational activity? Outdoor or indoor? Individual or team? Competitive or non-competitive? Active or passive or recreation? Assembling a menu of options is a key tenant of RIP (see What’s Being Planned below).

2) Make the Connections

It’s easy for the benefits of exercise and fitness to exist in relative isolation and even diminish over time. Yet drawing upon and strengthening the connections between the staples of healthy living will enhance the rewards. RIP will help cultivate such important bonds as those between a healthy diet and exercise through educational workshops, as well as help foster the social rewards that arise. The CRC, through its facilities and programming, is a place where friendships are created and nourished, and such relationships extend beyond the weight room or the pool and nurture other parts of our lives.

3) Build Awareness

While some areas are limited by the lack of recreation opportunities, this is certainly not the case in the Catskills. However, fostering awareness of what opportunities are available remains a constant area where improvements can be made. In addition to having the community fully understand the opportunities available at its facility, CRC will integrate a mix of offerings, including workshops, classes, indoor and outdoor participatory events, and presentations.

4) Make it Affordable

Since its inception, the CRC has learned from the community that affordable recreation is a priority. CRC has taken several approaches in striving to keep membership and operating costs reasonable, including organizing community fundraising events such as the Catskill Mountain Cycling Challenge. Now in its third year, the Challenge is directing the proceeds to help meet the community’s priority of affordability. The money raised will cover the cost of staffing and equipment for the RIP. In addition, through an incentive-based system (see Provide an Incentive below) participants will be able to earn discounts on membership fees.

5) Provide an Incentive

Experience has demonstrated that the difficulty in engaging in a fitness routine often lies in its initiation. RIP programming will be free to anyone (members and non-members) who would like to participate. Friendly staff will be available to assist participants select options that can meet their interests. RIP participants who are not, and have not been, CRC members are eligible to earn CRC membership credits as follows, including a waiver of the start-up fee (applies only to period of membership), (Incentives subject to change prior to initiation of RIP.)

Participation in 3 workshops = one-month CRC individual membership

Participation in 4 workshops = two-month CRC individual membership.

Participation in 8 workshops = six-month membership.

Annual & Family Memberships dependent on resources

What’s Being Planned

RIP is being scheduled for 2018 and is dependent on fundraising efforts. A comprehensive sketch of program content and ideas are listed below and subject to change as RIP is finalized. CRC always welcomes new ideas and will accommodate programming as practical. Programs will be designed and oriented with adult, youth, and families in mind.


Gym Orientation with one personal training class
Swim for Fitness
Swim Lesson
Reflexology (Self Massage)
Restorative Yoga
Eat Smart Program
Prescription Trails
Get to Know Your Own Backyard (Hiking/ Interpretation in the Catskills)
Learn to Hike (e.g. Presentation on how to pack and prepare)
Guided Hikes on Local Trails
Fly Tying and Casting
Fly Fishing Trip to River
Running Club/ Culminate with a Race
Self-Defense Class


Running Club/ Culminate with a Race
Family Fun Nights
Water Safety
Prescription Trails
Craft Club Night
Fit Family Yoga
Kick Ball


Fitness for Athletes
Kid’s Yoga
Pool Polo
Splash Relays
Outdoor Relay Night
Craft Club
Self Defense
Biking Safety Class
Tumbling Basics