A message from Becky Manning


Gracious for all the support


In January, I was diagnosed with having Primary Adeno Carcinoma Lung Cancer.  When I first heard this news I felt very alone and at a loss of what to do next.  I shared the news with my family, my board, and my staff.  I didn’t know what I would need to get through this challenging situation.   The support that came to me was overwhelming, much needed and very much appreciated.   As it is three months since my diagnosis.  I want to pause and say thank you for all the support, love, and words of wisdom.

To the kind people of Bovina thank you for the “Bovina Meals that Heal”.   Upon my return home from surgery, the Bovina community fed my family dinner every night for two and a half weeks.  This helped with the healing process by allowing our family the opportunity to eat meals together at a reasonable time.  We loved the food and the fellowship of being with each other.  Thank you to our Bovinian Friends.

The Catskill Recreation Center staff and board members did a wonderful job holding down the fort while I stayed home and focused on getting better.  I knew that the Recreation Center was in good hands.  Thank you!!!

My siblings and friends put together the Go Fund Me web page that reached people I have not interacted with for more than 20 years, many people I don’t even know, as well as people I see more often. The Go Fund Me page helped me feel at ease knowing that even when the bills hit us we would be OK.  Peter my husband was also able to take time from his work and help me through this time of healing.  While I was in the hospital I would go to the Go Fund Me page, not necessarily to see how much money was given, but to feel the love and support of so many friends who were sending their prayers, positive thoughts, and well wishes my way.  People also simply mailed cards with checks or dropped money off at the Recreation Center.  My friends from Good Cheap Food also help with food boxes, money, and frozen soups and applesauce.  Thank you for your support.

Three weeks after my surgery, right when I was really starting to feel better, I found out that I still needed to go through chemotherapy.  After my first round of treatment I experienced a new stage of support.  This came from other people who had also had cancer and knew what I was going through.  I started receiving checkup calls to tell me that I would make it through.  People who had similar experiences to mine would smile at me when I was at work.  They would give guidance on how to make it through those bad days when you just want to crumple up and disappear.  Thank you for your smiles, listening ears, and words of encouragement.  They have helped me to stay strong.

I also am thankful for friends and family who have helped watch our boys as we have made multiple trips to New York City for the surgery, appointments, and treatment.

Thanks to everyone.  I know that there are so many more people who have helped in their own private way.  I thank you all for your kindness, positive thoughts and prayers.


Becky, Peter, Finnegan, and Asher Manning